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Rental agreement and lease period

The lease is made either to a fixed-term or for continual period. The rental agreement of a minor must be signed by the tenant and his/her guardian.

When signing a lease, you are bound to follow the governing apartment rental laws, the conditions of the lease and all the rules and regulations of the housing community. Remember that the rental agreement is made just for you and for certain apartment/shared apartment.

Change-of-address notification

Remember to submit a change-of-address notification! Notification has to be submitted earliest a week before and latest a week after moving. Delayed notification can lead to a misdemeanor payment recovery.

Remember to notify your friends, family and other authorities of your new address, and make sure that your name is visible on your front door.


Remember to use the right reference number when paying the rent, and also check that the amount is correct. Please retain all payment receipts/bank statements for proofs of paid rents.

If the rent payment is delayed, the tenant is charged the applicable interest and collection fee. Unpaid rent can lead to a termination of the lease and to markings in your credit records. Couples are jointly responsible for paying the rent of family apartments, even when the other person has moved out of the apartment but no termination of that lease has been made.

Tenant’s Apartment Inspection

When you move in, be sure to check the condition of your apartment. The purpose of this inspection is to guarantee that a new tenant is not held responsible for any damages that might already exist in the apartment when moving in.

Home insurance

Hulmin Huolto recommends all tenants to have a personal home insurance. Tenant has to pay deductible part of the insurance if damages are caused by, for example, carelessness or home appliances. This also seconds getting home insurance.

Termination of the Lease

The period of notice for a tenant is one calendar month, and a lease always lasts until the end of the following full month. If you want your lease to end, for example, in the end of March, notice has to been given during February. You can terminate the lease by personally visiting the Hulmin Huolto office or by printing and filling in the lease termination form and taking it signed to Hulmin Huolto office.

For couples both tenants have to sign the termination when terminating the lease at the housing office. If the lease is a fixed-term and the period of the contract is less than six months, the lease can not be terminated during the period of the rental agreement. When terminating the lease all storage lease and car post contracts are also automatically terminated.

In case you live in a shared apartment, remember to inform your roommates that you are moving out.

In case of serious violations Hulmin Huolto has the right to end the lease agreement without a notice period. These violation include, for example, neglecting to pay the rent, continuous violations of the regulations of the housing association, transfer of the right of tenancy or giving up a portion of the apartment to another party without permission. In such cases the tenancy agreement will be terminated immediately once the tenant has been informed of the rescission of the contract.


As a tenant you are entitled to possession of the apartment and its key when the lease begins. With the key you can also gain entrance to the common areas meant for tenants. You are personally liable for the key and it should be used responsibly and with care. In case you lose the key, please contact the Hulmin Huolto. In most cases the tenant is responsible for covering the costs that might arise from getting a new key or changing the lock. When moving out, the keys have to be returned. If you wish to return the key to Hulmin Huolto outside office hours, you can leave the key in an envelope in the office’s mailbox. Be sure to mark your name and the address of the apartment on the envelope.

(Source: Student Village Foundation of Turku)